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Fortune 500 Web Analytics Usage

You can read our full post here. These are the basics. The data was collected during the period of September 19th -22nd, where I did a survey of the websites of Fortune 500 companies. I looked at what they were using to track users, and compiled the data.It is important to note, I only listed major analytics packages and those that were easily identifiable. Some sites, do not use Javascript tags, but are log based. For this reason some of those companies/indsutries, listed as having “none” or no analytics, should be reviewd with caution. I also know, that in some industries, companies do not have analytics or consumer facing sites, but in my view, that does not mean that a site should not be measured. I have decided not to provide a table that shows in detail what each company uses. I figure this data is something anyone can get, if needed, and I did not want to turn this into a tool for competitors. So now that we have most of the disclaimers/details out of the way, here is the data we are sharing:

Analytics Industry Coverage:This table looks at the number of Analytics deployed at each company compared to the number of companies in a particular industry.

Analytics Vendor Market Share by Industry: This table breaks down each industry and the market share of each Web Analytics Vendor.

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